Get that “ON VACATION” feeling every day!

Remember how great it feels to be on vacation?  You aren’t stressed, just relaxed, rested, happy and feeling incredible.  Multitasking gets replaced with joy and peace.  Wish that could be every day?  It IS possible and you are in the right place at the right time!

The online courses you find here are specifically designed in order to get you to experience that “ON VACATION” feeling all year round.  They are Flexible, Practical and Immediately Applicable offerings that fit into your busy lifestyle and assist you regardless of age, income or current health.  So don’t wait for vacation, make your life one!

Tailored Outcomes through the SEAMLESS Framework

Reach your desired outcome with tailored courses using the SEAMLESS framework.  These 9 week sessions will give you the knowledge, tools and motivation to not only get there but stay there!

  • GET IN SHAPE – Not another weight loss program! Gain the knowledge on how to get fit, eat right and improve your health every day!
  • STRESS REDUCTION – End the stress cycle that is literally killing you. Gain the tools to reduce stress and increase your resilience to it!
  • SPIRITUAL AWAKENING – Find answers to your most important questions and become aware!
  • SELF LOVE – If you don’t love yourself you can’t love anyone else. Begin to LOVE YOURSELF and surround yourself with love every day!
  • RESTORE LIFE BALANCE – Find the balance you are seeking on a daily basis!

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See what our clients are saying:

“Remarkable!  I am more than thrilled with the results I am getting from  the SEAMLESS Life program.  Allen has been a warm, inspiring, motivating leader who also has a sense of humor (which I very much appreciate).  I signed up for the program somewhat unconvinced that I would be able to make any big adjustments to my life, but after the first lesson I quickly found what an amazing gift this opportunity was and my motivation level skyrocketed!  The weekly lessons, lectures,  videos, and written articles are awesome.  I have found that after just the first 6 weeks of the program I have made some HUGE changes in my life which have been needed for some time and that these changes have now become habit rather than something I have to force upon myself.  I am incredibly thankful to Allen for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program.  I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to make substantial improvements to any or all aspects of their lives.”

– Stephanie Johnson

What makes us UNIQUE?  Why would you go with our courses as opposed to all the other ones available?

  • We are OUTCOME based and every offering is specifically tailored to you reaching your goal!
  • We are HOLISTIC whereas every part of the underlying framework is meant to support your Spirit, Mind and Body!
  • We are PRACTICAL and all that we teach is meant to be applied immediately to your life no matter the circumstance!
  • We are HABITUAL in that we recognize that old habits die hard and new ones are tough to build. Thus our framework is made up of 8 essential habits which we do one at a time!
  • We are EXPERT driven as in all of our courses you interact with leading authorities in their respective fields focused on your success!
  • We are HANDS-ON and work with you LIVE throughout the process, answering questions daily, doing weekly webinars and spending time one-on-one to assist you on your journey!

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See what the experts are saying:

kathy gruver headshot

Kathy Gruver, PhD award winning author of Conquer your Stress and The Alternative Medicine Cabinet.

“Allen’s SEAMLESS program combines the best of all programs to allow you to achieve what you want in life. He touches on all aspects of the being in a truly holistic manner to ensure you walk away with great results. This man knows his stuff!”

Help the World by helping Yourself!:

When you decide to invest in yourself and purchase one of our courses you are setting out to not only make a huge change in your life but also the lives of others.  That is because a portion of profits from every sale goes directly to a select group of charities such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Charity : Water, Action Against Hunger and Plant a Billion Trees.  You just have to tell us which one and we do the rest.  SEAMLESS life is one where everyone benefits!


A Note from Allen

“Dear visitor, thank you so much for considering our course offerings.  I take great pride in being able to bring them to you, for I have witnessed and experienced the incredible changes that they bring into a person’s life.  The takeaway from these courses are truly life altering for not only them but everyone around them that sees the positive transformation.

As ironic as it is, sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is to invest in our own growth.  Whether you do it with us here or somewhere else please allow me only to encourage you to do so.  You are your own garden and the fruits you ultimately bear are a reflection of what seeds you plant.  Never stop learning! Blessings!” – Allen Vaysberg