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Follow the SEAMLESS path with a proven 8-week roadmap and become healthier and happier in just minutes per day!

You’ve worked hard to achieve what you have.  You’ve spent years getting here and now spend most of the day working.  When you finally come home after a long commute instead of relaxing you drive your kids to activities or walk your dog, do work around the house, pay your bills, and maybe collapse in your bed by 11 PM.  You wake up next morning and do it all again…

Living in constant stress is taking a toll on you.  You are often tired, irritable and feel like you are the race horse and the rider all at the same time.  You know this isn’t going to end well and already see what it’s doing to your relationships, health and emotions.  You know you need to change but you don’t know how.

You feel stuck.

Every day you live for someone else.  Your work, your spouse, your kids, your parents, your friends, etc.  You are dedicated and do your best but somewhere not so deep inside you know you need to take a moment for yourself.  It feels selfish and is the last on your priorities list (if at all).  You should work out more, eat better, get more sleep….you know what to do but your life is too busy for you to do any of it.

So is this the way it is and the way it always will be?  Don’t you wish there was a way to take that breath for yourself and get off this stress-filled roller coaster?  So that you can get your balance back, be more relaxed and have patience left at the end of the day not to snap at your kids or your spouse?

Now fortunately there is!  And it will only take minutes per day and work within your existing schedule.

It is possible, it is doable and people like you are re-claiming their lives, getting healthier and reducing stress.  They are managing to do the simple things we all know we need to do and in the process improving everything.  They become better spouses, parents, friends and co-workers.

And now it’s YOUR turn!

Truth is, if you don’t make a change and your sole focus will continue to be on others, you won’t be able to be at your best for them.  Your body, your emotions, your energy will all continue to drain and soon there won’t be much of you left.  Time to stop the cycle!

It’s your turn to take control over your life.  To get back your vitality, to restore that spark in your eyes, to refill that glass of patience which has been running dry.   Even though there are a few gray hairs you are still young and it’s time to start acting like it!

So get ready, you are about to begin your journey back to the real you and to making your life SEAMLESS!

“Remarkable! I am more than thrilled with the results I am getting from the SEAMLESS Life program. Allen has been a warm, inspiring, motivating leader who also has a sense of humor (which I very much appreciate).

I signed up for the program somewhat unconvinced that I would be able to make any big adjustments to my life, but after the first lesson I quickly found what an amazing gift this opportunity was and my motivation level skyrocketed! The weekly lessons, lectures, videos are awesome.

I have found that after just the first 6 weeks of the program I have made some HUGE changes in my life which have been needed for some time and that these changes have now become habit rather than something I have to force upon myself.

I am incredibly thankful to Allen for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful program. I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to make substantial improvements to any or all aspects of their lives.”

Stephanie Johnson

Imagine if you:

  • Stopped getting annoyed at people or situations.
  • Had abundance of energy throughout the day.
  • Were able to fit into those jeans again.
  • Didn’t have to turn away your spousal attention because you are too tired.
  • Enjoy spending time with the kids without worrying about your to-do list.
  • Not feel like the day has been a waste because you haven’t done 1 thing for yourself.
  • Stop the constant aches and pains.
  • Feel tranquil and fulfilled every day!

Allen Vaysberg can help you get there!

Make your life SEAMLESS with Allen Vaysberg



Allen Vaysberg is a successful entrepreneur who after creating and running IT consulting businesses for 15 years at age 37 found himself unhappy, unhealthy and unfulfilled.  He knew he needed a change and in 2012 decided to begin anew.

He began a journey of self-discovery and life realignment.  During his quest he developed a program that helped him find balance and improve all aspects of his health and well-being.  That program evolved into SEAMLESS framework.

Now Allen is a Life Recalibration Expert and practitioner of the SEAMLESS method who facilitates people’s transition from unfulfilled and stressed to doing what they love and being at peace.

He speaks and writes on life purpose, career change, work-life balance and the recalibration process and runs online programs helping people re-calibrate their lives.

While Allen works with people from all walks of life his primary focus is on working professionals whose busy lives seem to get the better of them.  With them specifically in mind he created this Stress Reduction course.

Allen has been featured in


If you are ready to reclaim your life, reduce stress and feel young again then get ready to join Allen on the path to making your life SEAMLESS!

How Allen’s “SEAMLESS Method – Ordinary Habits, Extraordinary Life” can help you restore balance to your life by reducing stress

Here’s what you’ll find in your

8-week journey to SEAMLESS

S – Sleep

E – Eating & Drinking water

A – Activity

M – Meditation

L – Love

E – Expansion & Growth

S – Stress Reduction

S – Sunshine & Fresh Air


Week 1: Sleep

First we focus on Sleep and prioritize it trying to get into a mode of getting quality sleep during the night/day of at least 7 hours

  • Discover the reasons Why sleep should be a priority
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of sleep – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to get enough quality sleep
  • 59 Additional Sleep tips & techniques

Week 2: Eating & Drinking Fresh Water

Our second habit to instill deals with dietary changes and drinking enough fresh water throughout the day.

  • Discover the reasons Why Eating properly and Drinking enough water are so intergral
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of Eating – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to eat better and get enough water
  • 101 Additional Eating and Drinking tips & techniques

Week 3: Activity

We proceed to ensure you are physically active for at least 30 minutes per day

  • Discover the reasons Why being active reduces stress
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of Activity – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to be Active during your busy day
  • 58 Additional activity tips & techniques

Week 4: Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness are important habits in our daily toolkit.  Here we discuss how you can meditate no matter how busy you are.

  • Discover the reasons Why meditation is so important
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of Meditation – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to meditate daily
  • 61 Additional Meditation tips & techniques

Week 5: Love

Love is all there is and here we discuss its three stress reduction components – love yourself, love others, love your day.

  • Discover the reasons Why Love is so important
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of Love – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to Love
  • 95 Additional tips & techniques to bring Love into your life

Week 6: Expansion & Growth

Stepping beyond our boundaries means continuous growth and learning.  Both are factors in stress reduction.

  • Discover the reasons Why Expansion is so important
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of Expansion – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to Expand and Grow
  • 112 Additional expansion and growth tips & techniques

Week 7: Stress Reduction

Now that we have built up our resilience to stress and removed many internal/external stressors time to dive into stress specifically.

  • Discover the reasons Why stress is the problem
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of Stress – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to de-stress
  • 108 Additional Stress reduction tips & techniques

Week 8: Sunshine & Fresh Air

Being outside for at least 20 minutes per day is vital, we discuss why that is so important to beating your stress.

  • Discover the reasons Why going outside and getting Sunshine & Fresh air is so important
  • 4 “PEEP’s” of Sunshine – Physical, Environmental, Energetic, Psychological and how each affect you
  • 5 Simple ways to get enough sunshine and fresh air
  • 85 Additional Sunshine and Fresh Air tips & techniques

You May Be Thinking…

This is all too simple”, “I don’t have time for this”, “This is so far on my priorities list…”

Truth is we’ve all been there.  Life may be a box of chocolates but whichever one you get contains sugar and we are constantly told not to eat it anyway 🙂

Priorities will always be there, so will responsibilities but something’s gotta give.  And movie references aside if you continue making excuses something will and Universe will make you stop.

60-90 % of all doctor’s visits in US are stress related, so why wait?  Why not allow yourself an opportunity to do the things you already know you are supposed to do but do so in a coordinated way?

SEAMLESS is flexible to fit into your schedule, simple so you can apply it right away and is guaranteed to change your life for the better.  It’s focused on Stress but everything will change and in 8 weeks you won’t recognize yourself!

All you have to do is put in the work that’s outlined for you and you won’t believe your eyes.  Invest few minutes per day in yourself and affect everyone around you!

SEAMLESS does what most programs cannot do. It re-aligns your fundamental lifestyle habits in a structured way, all at once, easily; so that when you come out the other end, you’re finally in a place where you are healthier and happier.
I really enjoyed meeting and working with Allen during the SEAMLESS program. Allen is sincere with his intentions and I felt he truly wanted to help me through this journey. For that I am thankful. Thanks Allen.
SEAMLESS is a program that teaches you how to make positive
changes by cultivating new and healthy habits, focusing on one per week. It inspires you to take better care of yourself on every level (physical, mental, spiritual, emotional), and to love doing so, and ultimately learning the art of self love. The program achieves the end goal of stress reduction by incorporating all of the habits learned in the previous weeks.
Seamless has helped me to stop and think about myself in ways that I was not doing before. We often hear and practice these activities in isolation. Through this program, I am able to see how it can work to boost my quality of life with very simple changes made with awareness. I really admire Allen’s attitude and the flexibility with which he helped adapt the program SEAMLESSLY! I have changed for the better and with very little effort. Thank you for this opportunity.
Rathna Devi Sampath

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  • Week 1 – Sleep
  • Week 2 – Eating & Drinking Water
  • Week 3 – Activity
  • Week 4 – Meditation
  • Week 5 – Love
  • Week 6 – Expansion & Growth
  • Week 7 – Stress Reduction
  • Week 8 – Sunshine & Fresh Air
  • “Fitness Cubed” Bonus worth $97

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